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Doña Ana County Senior Olympics, Inc. is committed to providing a program of sports and recreational events to promote healthy and active lifestyles for all seniors, age 50 and above.


Our year-round programs encourage both the athlete and the non-athlete to participate within their individual age groups of:   

50-54                     55-59

60-64                     65-69                     

70-74                     75-79

80-84                      85-90                                


Practices are held year round for some sports. This time is not only to enhance athletic fitness but, also a time for fun and an opportunity to establish new friends.



To provide a variety of sport venues for mature men and women where they can engage in meaningful sport activity which is designed to motivate them to participate in year-round activities that will keep them physically and mentally healthy.



To enhance the existing 25 sport venues, as well as create new ones as may be requested by participants. In addition, we seek to provide an opportunity for men and women to participate at state and national competitions if they so qualify and if they so desire.


To provide within Doña Ana County an opportunity where all  men and women age 50 and above can pursue physical activity within their own five-year age groups, thereby contributing to their positive physical, mental, social and emotional well-being. We provide activities through the following sports:


    Air Gun (Pistol and Rifle)                        Archery                                                            Badminton

    Band                                                         Basketball (Free Throw & 3 Point Shot)       Billiards

    Bowling                                                    Dance (Couples & Line)                                  Estimated Walk/Run 

    Golf                                                           Horseshoes                                                     Huachas

    Pickle Ball                                                Power Walking                                                Road Race(5K & 10K)

    Racquetball                                             Racewalk                                                          Shuffleboard

    Skeet & Trap Shoot                                Swimming                                                        Table Tennis

    Talent (Solo & Group)                             Track & Field                                                    Fun & Rec Games                                        


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